Jimmy Hoffa’s body found? Tipster drops dime

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ROSEVILLE, MI – Where in the country is the body of Jimmy Hoffa?

Is Hoffa buried in another backyard again?

Span the country with Newsy and Fixie as they try to dig up the ever-elusive remains of Jimmy Hoffa.

He was the Teamsters union president who ran around with tough guys known as Tony and Sally.

He spent time in the joint until President Nixon let him go.  Then four years later, in 1975, the word on the street is that Hoffa was whacked by the mob on his way to a restaurant in suburban Detroit.

His body never turned up. Some say he was cut into little bitty pieces.

A serious rumor had him buried in the end zone of the former Giants stadium in Jersey.

And now, cops are digging up the backyard of a house in the Detroit suburb of Roseville. A tipster dropped a dime and told cops someone buried a body in the yard about the same time Hoffa disappeared.

The alleged grave is under a concrete slab, so investigators will take a soil sample first.

Or, they could get a dog.

But you can be sure Newsy and Fixie are all over this, like a dog on a bone.



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