HOUSTON (KIAH) – There is a job fair for veterans looking for jobs in greater Houston. DAV and RecruitMilitary is hosting the Houston Veterans Job Fair Thursday December 9th at Minute Maid Park from 11am to 3pm.

While non-veteran unemployment hits hard at 4.6%, veteran unemployment trails closely behind at 4.2%.

“Our driving purpose is to empower veterans to find meaningful work opportunities in the private sector,” said Tim Best, CEO of RecruitMilitary. “We work with companies throughout the world that see tremendous value in the transferable skills that military trained personnel bring to their organizations. We are pleased to provide these companies with a vast network of highly qualified veteran job candidates looking for meaningful civilian career opportunities.”

The groups say veterans bring a quality to the civilian workplace that is earned through battle: grit. Conditioned to adapt and respond to change, veteran job candidates are leading the pack in the mission to get the job done and reset the workforce to a thriving capacity.