Joe Biden’s speech most watched of conventions

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Obviously America can’t get enough of good ole’ Joe Biden. We’re not sure if the nation’s interest is in catching another of Joe’s famous ‘foot in mouth’ moments, or if they’re just really bonkers about Biden.

Surprisingly, of all the speakers at both the republican and democratic national conventions, the V.P. pulled in more viewers than any other speech. 42.5 million people tuned in to listen to Biden speak.

What’s even more impressive? The ladies love him!

Biden led all other speakers in the percent of female viewers, with 16.6%. President Barack Obama came in second overall and Mitt Romney came in third. Just as President Obama gets a bump in the polls though he gets a case of foot in mouth disease!

In President Obama’s speech, he told a crowd, “You can’t change Washington from the inside you can only change Washington from the outside.”

We get the idea behind the statement, but it’s not really what voters want to hear when they’re electing a President. The Romney campaign was all over that comment like white on rice!

This seems vaguely familiar. Where have we heard this before?

Oh, right! We’re thinking of when Mitt Romney said, “I don’t think you change Washington from the inside, I think you change it from the outside,” when he was running for president back in 2008!

Funny how things can change with a matter of poll points!

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