Jones High School protesters ‘Jonesing’ for action

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HOUSTON, TX – Classroom rules haven’t changed much over the years. If you don’t follow the rules, there are consequences. In this case, math rules — as in number of students.

So, when the Houston Independent School District school board proposed the “permanent expulsion” of five schools in the district, parents and community members felt students were being punished for no good reason, just because their school enrollments were declining.

After serious backlash at board meetings, parents protesting and more media coverage than they could’ve ever wanted; three of those schools were saved by the board. Port Houston Elementary School, Nathaniel Q. Henderson Elementary School and Fleming Middle School are all safe.

Jones is the only high school on that list, and parents and students are “Jonesing” for a miracle, as their school’s still on the chopping block.

Activists showed up to protest the closure and demand Superintendent Terry Grier be fired.

The board of education will make its final decision with a vote on March 13th.

So while the low enrollment and academic ratings at Jones High make it an easy target for the school board, some might say giving up on a group of kids who want an education is a direct violation of the classroom rule #1: Be Kind & Work Hard.


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