Journey to Tokyo: Anna Hall

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Anna Hall is a sophomore at the University of Georgia. Like everyone else, she has learned to adapt in a world that continues to deal with the coronavirus.

“We didn’t really know how big of a deal it was,” she said. “And then we were actually at indoor NCAAs and then having our meet cancelled and being sent home. We were like, ‘whoa, like that’s a big deal.’ The NCAA doesn’t just cancel the whole spring season and national championships for nothing.”

It certainly does not.

And Anna Hall had high expectations for herself after placing second in the pentathlon at the SEC Championships.

“Training is hard and we do it so that we can compete,” she said. “Not getting to have that competition piece of it for, probably, there won’t be another big meet until next January. It’s gonna be a long training season.”

Luckily, she does not have to go far to find a place to train or people with whom to train: her family.

Anna Hall’s dad was a collegiate athlete, along with two of her sisters.

Thus far, Hall has followed in their footsteps. An 11-time state champion in high school, she is also the national high school record-holder in the heptathlon.

The Olympics are on her mind.

“The plan kind of was always 2024, actually,” she said. “And then I kinda had a breakout year a year ago and so then that’s where it kinda became like, ‘ok, maybe we can do 2020.’ And I did feel a little rush that it was possible, so I’m actually pretty excited that it’s in 2021.

“I think it might work out perfect.”


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