Judge charged with making racially intolerant comments

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HOUSTON, TX – Texas District Court Judge Lynn Hughes will be exactly where you’d expect him to be; in court. But he’ll be facing the bench instead of behind it.

He didn’t send out a racist email about the President or beat his kid with a belt like another heavy hand of the law.

Judge Hughes has been handing down racially charged comments from the bench.

A complaint filed by the Texas Civil Rights Project charges Hughes with ‘racially intolerant comments, in three separate anti-discrimination cases in the Houston area.

One of the more colored comments made by the judge was: ‘Employment staffs of one color always work better’ and he even asked a diversity director if his job was to ‘go around and paint students different colors so that they would think they were mixed.’

We reached out to the judge. He had nothing to say, so we’ll just have to judge for ourselves.


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