Judge rules NYC’s “stop and frisk” unconstitutional

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NEW YORK, NY – Let’s be honest– minorities have it tougher than white folks …getting jobs, getting past stereotypes, getting harassed.

Just be happy you’re not living in New York City! There, you can get stopped on the street and frisked by cops for no reason at all. As you might guess, African Americans and Hispanics get stopped the most.

But one judge decided this week — enough is enough!

Federal Judge Shira Scheindlin (no relation to Judge Judy) said for 10 years the NYPD has not only violated people with these stop-and-frisks, they’ve violated the Constitution.

Still, Mayor Bloomberg has stood by the policy, saying, “This year, murders are down 33% from last year, which was a record. They are down 35% from the year before. They are down 42% from the year before that.”

But Judge Shira says the end doesn’t always justify the means. Coercing a confession can solve a crime, too, she wrote, but it’s unconstitutional, so you can’t do it.

Her ruling won’t put an end to stop-and-frisk, but it will bring some oversight to the practice. Some officers will wear body cameras.  ‘Bad idea,’ the mayor says, foreseeing future complaints about those, “‘He’s turned the right way or he didn’t turn the right way. My God, he deliberately did it.’ It is a solution that is not a solution to the problem.”

Also a monitor will oversee the whole program, so, ideally, a person only gets stopped with reasonable suspicion he’s “committed, is committing or is about to commit a crime.”

Going after people for their sin and not their skin — sounds like justice to us!


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