Judges teach students about the jury process

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HOUSTON, TX – On Thursday, high school seniors had their day in court: the Houston Bar Association and the Harris County Judiciary teamed up to show these young’uns how the jury selection process works.

“This was really interesting,” said Megan Smith from Reagan High School. “I’ve never been in a court before. I didn’t know how they pick juries at all.”

The truth is, we’re all biased in one way or another, depending on the situation. Therefore, to qualify, a fair juror must first survive a barrage of questions by the prosecutor, the defense attorney and the judge.

“We were trying to educate them about prejudice and bias, and how to keep an open mind when they’re serving on a jury,” explained Attorney Clarinda Comstock.

When faced with dilemmas such as whether or not wearing a hoodie is enough of a reason to be killed, or whether or not a will written by an old man with Alzheimer’s is a valid document, students had a taste of the intricacies of our legal system.

“Seeing these young people who are obviously so bright and interested in the legal process and in serving their community is of course inspiring,” concluded Judge Christine Butts.

So, have they all learned lessons? The jury is still out on that one.


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