Kansas City man suffers heart attack during first date; guess who saves his life with CPR?

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. - There's more than one way to score on a first date! Try having your date save your life!

Well, that's what happened to this dad whose date, Janie Hall,  actually drove two and half hours to meet him in person after first meeting online.

"Oh, we had a great conversation," Janie recalled. "Just...he's full of life. I mean, he had so much to say and so many things....great things to offer."

But Janie actually had to go the extra mile on their first date. Must've been some conversation because suddenly Janie's date suffered heart failure!

"He coughed three times, stood up, and just fell face-first into the floor," Janie described. "His entire body was stiff."

That'll tend to bring down a date in a hurry.

"He's talking....and then he's on the floor, lifeless," Janie explained.

Lucky for her date, Janie is a former respiratory specialist. She and a waitress went to work on him right away performing CPR!

"You know, it's just that sudden instinct," Janie revealed. "'How can I help?'"

Miraculously, the two women revived him just as paramedics arrived.

Now, the former Gulf War veteran needs some extra help, so his kids have set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds for his hospital bill.

He's just grateful to be alive and he scored a second date! Only now the next lunch date will be.... a threesome.

"It was a team effort," Janie said. "Becca (the waitress) led the team."

Way to go, player!

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