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KATY, Texas — The mom of a special education student who was tased seven times in 25 seconds by a Texas school resource officer has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against Katy ISD.

Javon Washington, a 17-year-old student at Mayde Creek High School, was trying to go outside to get some fresh air after being bullied in his classroom when a faculty member refused to let him go out, according to Javon’s mom.

“He got tired, and he tried to proceed out the door, and that’s when he got tased those multiple times,” Lori Washington told NewsFix. “And at one point, when he told them to let him go, he threw his hands up, but they still tased him.”

Javon’s mom says her son basically is like a second grader, but he sure wasn’t treated with kid gloves.

The disturbing bodycam video shows an ugly situation escalating— with the screaming boy being handcuffed— but no one taking any special steps to calm down the special needs student.

“He goes down, urinates on himself, defecates on himself, gets sick,” family attorney Holly Terrell revealed. “He starts shaking…has a panic attack.”

Javon’s mom says it’s taken a lot of legwork just to find out what happened to her son.

“It took a year for me to get to talk to the principal,” Washington said. “And the principal told me that pretty much the officer did nothing wrong, and he’s gonna stand behind him a hundred percent.”

Katy ISD released a statement declining comment on the pending litigation, but said “the safety of all of our students is our number one priority as we focus on creating environments conducive to learning and personal growth.”

But in this case, it sure appears that focus on safety got lost somewhere.