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The Katy area is known for nice suburban communities, not for backwoods retro racism.

That`s why residents of the Falcon Ranch community were shocked to find these flyers from the Ku Klux Klan on their door steps.

“This is Falcon Ranch, this is the nicest community, the most diverse community. We have all ethnic backgrounds, this is not a place for racism or anything like that,” says Katy resident Sharon Veeder.

The flyer says, “Seal the border – protect our nation” and it recruits for the battle against illegal immigration.

Damian Neveaux is from Port Arthur, Texas and says he’s very familiar with what the Klan supports. “The whole scheme of the letter that said protect your border… I think that’s just a front to get people in,” he says.

On the same night Katy residents found the flyers, so did residents in an Alabama community….so it looks like the Klan is trying to recruit nationwide.

Klan members might need to adjust the eye holes in their hoods if they can’t see that regardless of how a community feels about illegal immigration, no one here and now cares to read their hate-filled trash.