Keep your holiday laser lights pointed down!

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DALLAS, TX – Are you in the spirit of the season? Ready to set up your holiday lights? Maybe even invest in some of those new laser light displays? Here’ a tip on that from retired pilot Danny Kelly:

“I’d tell them to stop immediately because first of all they’re endangering people’s lives.”

Kelly says the emerging technology, which is supposed to make decorating easier, (no ladders, no nails and no hammers) is causing trouble in the skies.

If a beam hits a pilot’s eyes it can cause the pilot to go blind temporarily.

In Dallas an American Airlines 737 was struck by a laser while flying at 13,000 feet. A Dallas police helicopter traced the beam back to a home about 22 miles east of DFW airport.

“The intent is what’s important. Obviously these people did not intend for this to happen. If they had been told by the FAA to shut it off and they don’t then that might border on being violating a criminal law.” said Kelly.

The FAA is investigating three other cases in Dallas and others on the eastern seaboard.



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