Keeping Family Road Trips calm during COVID-19


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HOUSTON (CW39) — Have you ever been in the car with your children and all heck breaks loose? The screaming, the crying, and it doesn’t stop? Have you tried to take a road trip with the entire family and it leads to more headaches because you didn’t have enough activities for your kids to do? You are not alone.

More families have been traveling together in cars during Covid-19. Whether they’re long road trips or short trips to the store, it can be good or bad. But, There are tips and activities out there that can help the entire family have a good experience, every time you get into your vehicle.

CW39 Anchor Sharron Melton talks with Family Expert and the “Look Ma’, No Hands” Podcast Host, Laura Max Rose, to help parents out. Not only is she a mother of two young girls, she and her family have a lot of experience when it comes to traveling, for both short distances and cross country trips.

Here are some of the ways she keeps her children entertained and interested, without the fuss, when traveling on the road.

First, some of the biggest necessities that are a must for any parent.

And you can’t always entertain kids yourself. Here’s a way to help with that.

The best thing to do is take a deep breath, and don’t feel too overwhelmed. Just prepare in advance, and it will make your next car ride a lot more relaxing for everyone!

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