Key players in Houston music scene help transform Worthing High School Dance Team

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HOUSTON – Homecoming is a special tradition for countless Texas high schools but for the Worthing Prancing Dolls in south Houston this year’s game was a stand out.

A chance for the HISD high school’s dance time to really shine and stand out like they hadn’t had the chance to yet this school year.

The nearly 20 girls who make up the school’s dance team are self taught and because the team is not officially a part of the school’s athletic program, they are not included in the budget. The talented teens often rely on generous alumni who volunteer their time and money but this year some big names in the local music scene also stepped in.

Former CW39 NewsFix TV Host and Producer Ky Meyer got the ball rolling. She reached out to the man Dubbed “Mo City Don,” Houston rap legend ZRo. He wasted no time donating $1,000; and that was the just the beginning of the generosity that would transform the team.

The New 91.7FM NGEN Radio was also eager to jump on board, making sure the girls had custom t-shirts to add to their new attire ensemble.

The donations received allowed the team to hire a local seamstress to work her magic in record time.

Sporting their new uniforms and holding their heads just a little higher, the girls stepped out onto the field during the Homecoming game at Butler stadium truly feeling like a million bucks.

Although the football season is half over, the girls will soon be shifting their focus to the second half of the school year and their is still plenty dancing left to do.

If you’d like to donate to the Worthing Prancing Dolls, you can do so here.



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