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Not having kids makes for a happier marriage, at least according to researchers at the Open University in the U.K.

The survey of 5,000 individuals, shows kid free couples are more satisfied with their relationship, and are more likely to feel valued by their partner.

“A lot of people these days tend to say; you know what, we have so much going for us career wise, travel wise, dream wise, why decide to bring 2.5 kids into this situation and possibly change our course.” according to Dr. Vivana Coles, a marriage and family therapist.

Unfortunately, kids can sometimes cause a rift in a relationship, especially for supermoms.

“If their partner is saying, hey I`m over here, we`re married and we actually…our love created this child and I feel like I`m getting pushed out.  That`s going to be something that they`re going to have to deal with for a very long time.” said Dr. Coles

Important to remember, saying thank you and giving compliments is a great way to keep a relationship strong.