Kids are spending less on their dads for Fathers Day

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HOUSTON, TX – Gift spending for the old man will be down an average of $6.00 from last year.

‘Sometimes fathers are forgotten and most of them work very hard at their jobs and in the home, so they need to be remembered too.” said Terri Gill

That`s not to say kids don`t appreciate their pops.

“I don`t think they expect anything. Dads kind of give themselves, they just want to be with their kids. They probably don`t care about the gifts. But, I think it`s important to show them that we love them and their hard work really is appreciated.” according to Carol Simon

Emily Browne said, “I don`t think the price is really what`s important. I think it`s the quality of the time you spend with your dad that is important.”

So how about the dads? Do they have high expectations?

“I was in the military on deployment and I missed a couple of father`s days, so I appreciate them. It`s good times. You get a lot of things to do with your son.” explained Neil Arrieta

Remember kids, it`s not about the price of the gift, as long as it comes from the heart.








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