Kids save baby using CPR

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MARIETTA, GA – Kids say and do the darndest things; but two kids in Georgia did something that saved a baby’s life.

Susanna Rohm knew her infant’s life was in danger when she realized he wasn’t breathing. She yelled for someone to call 911.

Rocky Hurt, 9, and Ethan Wilson, 10, were playing outside.

Rohm said, “Rocky runs in, who I’d never met, and he’s standing behind.

Rocky guided Rohm through infant CPR.

Rocky said he told Rohm to “push on the baby’s chest five to ten times, using two fingers, tilt back the baby’s head, plug the nose, and then breathe into his mouth.”

Rohm said, “He said it so confidently that I just listened to him.”

Rocky said, “He, like, screamed, and I told her that that’s a good sign, because the baby’s breathing.”

The little heroes learned the life-saving skill from posted signs at their elementary school.

Who says kids don’t pay attention?

We’re seeing more than just stickers on their next report cards.


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