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MONTGOMERY, Al. –  In Montgomery a family is outraged as a killer live streams to an audience from prison.

“This ain’t comfortable for me to be sitting here watching him like he is having fun. It ain’t no fun when your family is dead,”  said Chiquita Mushat, the victim’s sister. He sitting there acting like he enjoy himself in jail and my brother I can’t see no more.”

Going live on Periscope Devin Williamson gathered more than 3,000 followers. He even asked them to send money to his Paypal account so he could buy more data and he created a Go Fund Me account.

“He killed my brother in front of me, his children, my momma and grandma and the rest of my family who was there and he did it on Christmas Day, don’t nobody need to be supporting a murderer,” said Mushat.

She’s pleading with the department of corrections to make it stop. Commissioner Jeff Dunn says they`re cracking down on cell phones, patrolling more often and they`ve transferred  Williamson to a higher security facility.

Prison bars – built to keep people in, but not strong enough to keep a live signal out.