Kim Kardashian posts nude selfie of herself, again

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HOUSTON, TX – Some people are known for their body of work. Kim Kardashian is known for her body, and she’s reminding us about it yet again. Late Sunday night (and just 13 weeks after giving birth to kid number two) Kim K. posted this provocative pic complete with overworked black bars that can barely hold her back.

Revealing, yes! And some might see it as a “return to form” for a proud Kim post-baby. But is this nude selfie done with good intentions or is Kim just screaming for attention at this point? Dr. Viviana Coles, Psychotherapist and President of Houston Relationship Therapy says, “Her body is just an extension of the sexual presence she has today. While that may be a good thing in some ways, for her and for her business, I think it also gives people the impression that that’s all she’s known for. And she seems to really dislike it when people think about her as just a sexual object. But then she does this and it kinda reinforces that fact.”

For many, instead of blowing up the internet this time, Kim’s latest nude just blows. “I’d say it’s definitely not a good influence to have on her younger followers”, says Jordan Meredith. Cody Sabol says, “If you’re going to post that stuff, there’s a place to post it. Not on Instagram where there are tons of kids that are going to flip through and follow you, and unknowingly see this.”

Sound like Kim should be more role model, than nude model. Dr. Coles adds, “I do think that she has a responsibility to maybe use that notoriety in a more productive way. I’m not sure what she’s actually trying to say, other than look at me, look at me.” Something tells me this won’t be the last we see of Kim Kardashian.

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