Kimye Khaos: Racial slurs & a Kanye style beat down

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BEVERLY HILLS, CA – The Kimye chaos continues.

Kanye West is being investigated by the LA County D.A. for allegedly chasing down a teenager, who shouted racially motivated comments at Kim, and punching the 18-year old.

Word is… Kim was walking into a furniture store in Beverly Hills with the paparazzi right behind when the 18-year old stepped in to hold the door for her.

Without getting into the ‘dirty details’ the man allegedly started calling the photogs the N-word, at which point Kim turned and told him it was inappropriate (we’re all right every now and again)

That’s when they guy allegedly turned on her, calling her an “N-word lover” and a “slut.”

Instead of calling the cops Kim called her savior: Yeesuz.

That’s when they man allegedly started yelling at Kanye through the phone using the same derogatory terms (no bueno).

Now, Kanye could’ve taken the high road, but that would never happen. So, Kanye showed up, got Kim’s side of the story, and that’s when Kanye allegedly stormed into the office where he found the teenager and punched the guy.

While a little punch in the face may have been warranted; the teen’s pressing charges. Shocker.

Two Cold Fronts Coming



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