Kindergarten children saved by dropping out of burning building in China

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NINGDE, CHINA – Michael Jackson hanging a baby over a balcony is creepy. Someone throwing kids out of a burning building is just scary.

In eastern China, more than 100 people were hospitalized, 92 of them kindergarten kids, after a fire in a flower shop.

Chinese state media say a kindergarten class was in session on the second floor when the fire broke out.

More than 300 students were in class at the time.

Reports from the scene say the fire spread quickly, the thick smoke making breathing difficult for the children. Some of those kids started foaming from the mouth.

The heavy smoke and fire kept firefighters from using the stairs to rescue all of the kids. That’s when people on the ground turned blankets into nets.

Rescuers dropped some of the children from the second-floor window into the blankets and into the arms of the people below.

The government says no one died in the fire.

One person told reporters the building recently failed inspection.

He also said the building was not safe when it opened two years ago.

If that’s true, the rescue of the children just makes this fiery rescue even more miraculous.

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