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KINGWOOD, TX – Kingwood water quality has been a hot topic this week, since the water in several homes was dark brown and filled with sediment.

The big question is, is it safe? The answer is yes.

All week long, Councilman Dave Martin has been saying the water was safe. No offense to the good Councilman, but not everyone in the Elm Grove subdivision was convinced.

So we took two small samples to Environdyne Labratories for testing. “We did some quick, overview testing of the water. It meets the regulatory agency’s standards, so the water would be deemed safe to drink,” says water guru Tanny Busby of Envirodyne Labratories.

That’s a relief for homeowners like Elizabeth, “That’s good. I’m glad it came back with good results. I’m sorry that I had to go to the press to get this expedited this, but I’m glad that he’s been on it and I’m glad that our water’s coming out cleaner now.”

So what would cause water to look like this? “Flushing the lines is a process most operating companies use to get the iron and bad water out, discolored water out. If you happen to be drawing some water at that particular time… you would pick up some of that reddish looking water,” Busby explains.

Good to know. Hopefully murky tap water in Kingwood is now “water under the bridge”.