Kosher Chili Cook-Off a Tasty Hit Again

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“We got chili. Come to the Aishel House. We got it for you. Let’s do it!”

If you like chili, then the” Houston Kosher Chili Cook-Off” is for you. This is the fourth year for the meaty event with 32 teams taking part compared to the 15 that took part in the first year.

It’s not only about good eats, but a good cause.

Steven Weiss, the Chairman of Houston Kosher Chili Cook-Off, says, “This year we are going to be supporting Ashiel House, ERJCC Meals on Wheels, and the Hebrew Free Loan Association.”

The chili is to be judged on aroma, consistency, presentation, taste and after-taste. The challenge though is to make it kosher, which can be different for some competitors.

Lynne McCrary has been doing chili cook-offs for years but this is the first year doing kosher and she says, “Very different. I probably know more about kosher now than some of the Jewish attorneys I work for.”

McCrary uses her secret ingredient of creamy peanut butter, but others were not so quick to share what the secret ingredient in their chili.

“If I told you the key ingredient sir, I’d have to kill you But let me tell you this chili is organic and kosher. It’s so good it will be coming to kiosk near you.”

Other broke down the key to great chili. Annette Rosens says, “They have chili here with lots of interesting flavors but can you sit down and eat a whole bowl of it..”

Winners get the hardware, but some see themselves as victors nonetheless.

One competitor says, “Every year we come and every year we win, in our hearts.”

And for those tasting all the chili, a full belly is a happy belly.


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