La Marque residents applaud school board & superintendent firings

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LA MARQUE, TX - Parents, if you ever wanna see your kids get into college, it might be time to move out of La Marque. The Texas Education Agency Wednesday fired the superintendent and the entire school board for poor performance.

Danielle Sterns, mom to first grader Zandalee, says it's about time, "They don't care about the students. All they care about is just bringing in their next paycheck."

The school district lost their accreditation in February for getting ratings like "academically unacceptable," "improvement required" and "substandard achievement" over the last few years.

"A lot of people do need to be fired here, more than the superintendent," says Christina Alvarado whose daughter attends La Marque Elementary. "The stuff that they're doing to these kids is ridiculous. They're not learning anything."

La Marque ISD actually met their standard for academics last year but were not so lucky with financial accountability. "They did receive a substandard achievement rating which the lowest you can receive," says DeEtta Culbertson, TEA information specialist.

Glenda Latin has four kids in the school district and has been shocked by how it's run, "Nobody can cut the grass?! You can't fix the parking lot? Like, what's going on?"

The TEA issued notice Wednesday that a new superintendent and board of managers would be appointed. Terri Watkins, the current superintendent, got official notice today.

"I have talked to the superintendent today, and she's in good spirits. Of course, she's surprised," says Dr. Antonio Corrales, La Marque ISD's executive director of operations. "Her main focus is that we continue giving the best possible service to our children and our parents."

Nice try, folks, but your best ain't good enough!

"I've got two high school grandchildren," says Frankie Young who is glad to see these changes happening, "I told my granddaughter to read something for me one day. She couldn't even read like a first grade book."

The booted board held a meeting Thursday night to announce the whole fiasco while the TEA's Culbertson told NewsFix the search for their replacements will begin right away, "it would be done within the next few months. Perhaps sooner."

One plus in all this is the schools aren't closing. And maybe now La Marque kids will finally get what they should have been getting all along-- a quality education.


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