Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new Pope!

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VATICAN CITY – White smoke came out of the chimney of the Sistine Chapel, signaling that Cardinals reached a decision. Sounds of bells and a cheering crowd erupted.

The new Pope is 76-year-old Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio. He’s from Argentina, which means he’s the first non-European Pope in the history of the Catholic Church. His ‘Pope name’ is Francis.

You could say a higher power had something to do with the quick election. No, not God! The Sistine Seagull stole the show by landing on the chimney and just hanging out. Moments later, he took to Twitter. Yeah, we didn’t know birds could tweet but this one could!

The seagull tweeted stuff like, ‘Hanging out on the Sistine chimney, live tweeting!’ and ‘Everybody talks about the Cardinals, but it’s really the ‘gulls that make it happen!’

We got a new Pope, but it looks like the real word was – bird!


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