Lane change rage in Houston

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Grego sounds off on lane change rage while driving on Houston’s roads.

“A viewer told me how much they enjoyed my commentary a while back where iIsaid when you really slow down your driving, how much calmer you and your life becomes.  Well, it’s time for another reminder- just as much for me as the next guy. Funny how the speedometer tends to creep back up into the illegal zone isn’t it?! Also, I recently had an incident with another driver over a lane change. I needed to get over, to turn into a school, had my blinker on and the dude wouldn’t let me in. I had just about enough room to get in anyway and I did. Which led to a lot of animated sign language and anger on his part.  He went around me still upset, so I followed him into the fast food parking lot he turned into (something I wouldn’t recommend by the way) but we were both dropping kids off at school so I figured it was fairly safe. I rolled the window down and asked him if he had something to say?  He got out, we discussed it and cooler heads prevailed, We shook hands and parted ways with both of us acknowledging that driving on our freeways is just so stressful sometimes you lose it. So, slowing down and consciously being a more courteous driver, moving over, letting people in, giving others a break, etc.  helps lessen the stress. And don’t get suckered into the follow the leader speeding game driving the freeway like its Texas Motor Speedway. Believe it or not even at slower speeds, you’ll arrive at your destination almost at the same time as if you’d lead-footed it.. to the viewer thanks for the reminder that speed kills.”



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