Largest billionaire bunker in the world requires a secret code just to visit its website

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CZECH REPUBLIC - A lot of folks are a little nervous these days about Doomsday!

The super rich are looking for a bunker and now they've found one in Eastern Europe: The Oppidum which is known as the largest billionaire bunker in the world.

This place is so exclusive, you even need a secret code just to get into the website to look at the joint!

Once you're invited to the top-secret spot deep inside a mountainside tunnel, partially built by Cold War-era Soviets, get ready for lots of luxury!

There are even showers along the way so you can wash off any radioactive fallout or chemical agents you may have picked up outside.

Once inside, there's a spa, a gym, a wine cellar. You can even display your world-class art collection, and your accommodations will last up to 10 years down below.

Of course, for the rest of us, we're pretty much screwed. Well, there's always the economy bunker like in the old Civil Defense films: "First, you Duck...and then you Cover."

Maybe we can just pretend it's the 1960's and sing protest "Eve of Destruction."

Ah, maybe not!


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