Last minute goal puts Germany on top of soccer world

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CaptureRIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – Not only does Germany have the best beer in the world, but also… the best soccer team in the world.  One golden goal eight minutes before the end of the over-time against Argentina was enough to catapult the most powerful team in the tournament to the top of the world’s most beloved sport.

When the whistle blew, it was shattered dreams for an Argentinian squad that played a smart game.  But while they missed the few chances they had to score, Germany didn’t miss their one shot.  Midfielder Mario Goetze shot the winning goal and now it’s a total of four world championships for Germany, a team set to dominate the international soccer stage for years to come.

But when you mix disappointing results with alcohol, this is what you get: bands of hooligans vandalized stores and clashed with the police in downtown Buenos Aires, embittering popular celebrations and putting families with children at risk.  Argentine officials said 120 people were arrested.  But getting back to sports:  what an amazing world cup this has been.

There’s no doubt Brazilians know how to throw a party.  Perhaps, they can give some tips to the guys in Argentina.


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