Last words, new details from missing Malaysian jet

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KUALA LUMPUR – “All right, good night.”

Those are believed to be the last words spoken from Malaysia Airlines flight 370 to air traffic control on March 8th. Authorities say the plane’s copilot bid the farewell at 1:19 am, and then at 1:21, someone switched off the flight’s transponder, which pinpoints the aircraft on radar.

More than a week after the planes’ mysterious disappearance, there’s still no trace of the Beijing-bound Boeing and its 239 people on board. An unprecedented search is underway, with 26 countries involved.  But so far terrorism, suicide and hijacking all remain on the table. Nothing has been ruled out.

Authorities say that someone deliberately steered the plane off course after ground communication was lost. So now the investigation is centering on the pilots, crew, and a 29-year-old civil aviation engineer who happened to be on board.

A Malaysia newspaper is reporting that the plane may have flown below 5,000 feet, and through mountainous regions to avoid radar detection.

More questions just continue to come up. Everyone hopes answers will arrive soon.



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