Latest Samsung smartphone can’t connect to the internet

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SOUTH KOREA—  Imagine this, a smartphone that can't access the internet! 1996 was the first year the internet was available on cell phones, but it was real expensive and there were a lot of kinks to be worked out.

Three years later, surfing the web on your cell became more available and affordable. Some of us don't even know life before the internet on our calling device! Now, what seems to be a step in reverse.

Samsung has created the Galaxy J2 Pro, which is a smartphone that blocks mobile data connection. The phone launched in South Korea and designed for students to focus on their studies.

South Korea is home to digital and technology savvy citizens but it is also known for having one of the toughest education systems in the world.

You can call, text and take photos with the phone but it will not connect to the internet unless you connect the phone to a computer via USB.

There is also a English Dictionary app, a calendar app, calculator and an FM radio. That's it!

There is very little promise that the phone will make it to the U.S. but if it does it could be very useful for seniors who would like a cheaper and less complex mobile device.

The device launches June 30th. Hey at least your data plan will be cheaper!


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