Law enforcement switching to buddy system for safety

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HOUSTON, Texas — The wave of threats against police officers continues. This after recent events involving officers shooting unarmed men.

Now, the ones hired to keep us safe are fearing for their own safety, and it’s hitting close to home.

In Houston on December 30 in the 800 block of Post Oak, an unknown suspect fired three shots at a Houston police officer in the early morning hours.

And just like that, the Houston Police Officer’s union was front and center asking the department to assign two officers per unit, like the buddy system, to increase officer safety.

Even departments that haven’t been directly threatened are taking steps to keep their men in uniform safe.

In Fort Bend County Precinct One, Constable A.J. Dorr has completely changed his policies, for now. Currently, he has 32 deputies under his command. He’s switched things up, assigning 10 two-man units. It’s a temporary shift that will last as long as Dorr deems necessary.

Police are on alert for good reason. some extremists have threatened violence against them on New Year`s Eve.

Other activists are planning demonstrations against police brutality during celebrations across the country.

For months, protesters have rallied behind the cry “Every Life Matters”. Shouldn’t that apply to cops as well?



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