League City boy gets 3D hand

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LEAGUE CITY, Tx. —  A 5-year-old league city boy got a helping hand., and now he can get a better hold on things. Keith Harris received a 3-D printed prosthetic hand, making him the first person in the Houston area to get one.

Keith was born with a rare condition called symbrachydactyly. it’s where a baby’s limbs don’t fully develop during pregnancy.
It’s often called “lucky fin”

Like Keith, some children are born without fingers on one hand.

“Yeah, I want to do this, but I can’t.”

Keith’s mom, Kim Harris said a traditional prosthetic was out of reach for the family.

“For Keith to receive an actual prosthetic device would have cost around $40,000. We weren’t sure if insurance would cover it, and it really wasn’t even an option.”

Kim says she’s thankful for the company e-nable, that printed the 3d hand and saved her a ton of cash.

The cost is now within arm’s reach.

“With a 3D printed hand, it only cost about $45 to print it.”

Keith says when he wore his new 3-D hand to school his friends said it looked like a toy.

Not quite; but for Keith, he says it sure makes playtime a lot more fun.



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