Learning how to make an Art Car

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HOUSTON – Frank Black Middle School in Northwest Houston got in on the Art Car Parade action this year.

Julon Pinkston, Art Teacher at Frank Black Middle School, says, “Over 300 Frank Black Middle School students worked on this artcar at some point.”

Those kids were creative too as they learned how to be bold with the designs.

Pinkston says, “I love it when the students really get involved, and they realize that they can make decisions.”

Everyone chipped in to the project.

Eighth grader Marc F. Hess, Jr. says, “I did a little bit of the paint job on the art car, and during lunch I came and worked on it, and after school.”

Everyone can point to a piece on the car that is uniquely theirs.

Seventh grade student Alana Ross says, “I was responsible for carving, if you can see the curls for the back.”

Eighth grader Briana Medrano agrees, “‘It was fun, but it was also really difficult. .. the paint would get on you and the glitter would be everywhere, and it`d be a whole mess, but it was actually really fun, to be with my friends and to able to actually finish this, and the way it looked was actually really beautiful.”

There are bigger lessons to learn too.

Pinkston says, “The great part about the art car is that they`ll make mistakes, left and right, but they`ll realize it doesn`t really matter, and they`ll be able to improvise very easily, and these little mistakes in the end don`t really make a big difference.”

Being able to improvise, move with the groove and go with the flow. A new challenge, a new opportunity… who knew you could learn so much about life in art class?


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