Lee Harvey Oswald’s Dallas home scheduled for demolition

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DALLAS, TX – More than 49 years after the killing of President Kennedy, the City of Dallas still has its assassination-related controversies.

This one is over the apartment building where accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald once lived, an apartment now falling down and scheduled for demolition.

When Jane Bryant found out Oswald lived in apartment #2 in early 1963, she wanted to buy the place and preserve it.

She bought the building in 2007, then got an order from the City of Dallas to bring it up to code, but she says she couldn’t because she kept running into zoning roadblocks. The city condemned it last year and scheduled demolition for Friday.

The city cut her some slack, though, allowing her to tear down the place on her own, rather than hiring a contractor to do it, saving some money for herself, but losing a piece of Dallas history while doing so.


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