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HOUSTON – Lego Brick Fiesta wrapped up its last day at the Westin Galleria.

Grant Buck and his family came from Austin to enjoy the hundreds of Lego creations, including a 26-foot replica of the USS Missouri.  Daniel Siskind created the battleship and says it took about a half million Lego bricks. “You’re never too old to enjoy playing with Legos and for me the building is playing not the finished product.”

This whole event might sound like kid’s stuff, but it’s not.

“It’s really impressive because you think, children play with Lego and it’s a childish thing, but you have to be so intelligent and creative to create something like that,” says Maggie Martin.

Mary Simpson agrees, “They’re art pieces and that’s what’s amazing about them. What I love for my kid is that it teaches him how to be creative in a different way.”

Her son Connor was impressed telling us, “It’s pretty awesome and they actually put a lot of detail into it.”

He’s right!  Take a look at our photo gallery above to see the cool creations.