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HOUSTON – DC and Marvel have become the blueprint for comic book superhero creators worldwide. In the Texas region, one bookstore has continued to reign supreme for almost 30 years in the comic book industry.

Richard Evans opened the first of his Bedrock City comic book stores in March of 1990. Bedrock City has become the region’s premier comic shop and is considered one of the top Silver Age and Golden Age comic book dealers.

Evans also has the oldest known surviving original Superman cover, which was originally designed by Fred Guardineer in 1939.

“It changed hands from art collector to comic book collector throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s until it was consigned to Heritage Auctions in 2013 when I acquired it,” Evans said.

The fifth edition Superman cover comes from a period known as the Golden Age of comics.

“At the time that it sold at auction we paid almost $300,000 for it, but I think it was a really good deal being that it’s one of a kind,” Evans said. “I don’t have any intentions of selling it.”

Now that’s one expensive comic book!