Local Business Creating App for Consumer Travel


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HOUSTON (CW39) — Have you ever made plans to hit the road, or fly to your next trip and realize you didn’t prepare for the weather or changes that may come across your path. Well, Houston Business Gravitt8 Development has an App for that.

Founded by Former Professional Football Player and Entrepreneur Keron Williams and his Business Economic Savvy Wife Ariel Williams, it’s all about finding easy ways to save you time and money.

CW39 Anchor Sharron Melton sat down with both of them to talk about 2 things. First, the applications the App will center on, and what it will help consumers with.

Second, the reason why they believe this is so necessary.

And they can also make other Apps for businesses as well as help others with their online needs. For more information, go to www.gravitt8.com .

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