Candidate for state representative sues opponent over signs

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HOUSTON, TX – During election season, campaign signs are a common sight.

But one local candidate is leveling some serious accusations against her opponent: “If you’re running against Carol Alvarado, or her friends, you’re not going to have any signs.”

Susan Delgado, a candidate for Texas state representative, filed a lawsuit claiming that the current rep., Carol Alvarado, is engaging in some shady campaign strategies: stealing political signs.

“You literally have to have your campaign sign behind a fence or way up high or somewhere visible where they can’t catch you because she’s sneaky like that,” Delgado says.

According to the lawsuit, Delgado isn’t looking for a huge payout. She just wants $1000 — the value of the signs she says Alvarado stole — and to have a clean and fair campaign.

“Carol Alvarado is a thief, she steals and she doesn’t have any remorse for stealing,” Delgado says.

Those are some fightin’ words. And just when you think it can’t get more colorful — Delgado happens to be the alleged former mistress of late Texas State Senator Mario Gallegos, Jr., whose family is close to Alvarado. Oh the tangled webs politicians weave.

So what does Carol Alvarado have to say? We reached out to her campaign about the signs, and they hit back with: “We are not going to respond to this frivolous claim.”

Seems like it’s going to be up to the voters to decide who’s telling the truth. But a campaign that’s turning into an ugly fight? Well that’s just a sign of the times.


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