Local witness to JFK’s assassination recalls the events of that dark day

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HOUSTON – Before his illustrious career as the Sheriff of Fort Bend County, the now retired Milton Wright was a Highway Patrolman stationed near Dallas.

“I received the assignment the night before, drive over to Love Field to participate in a motorcade,” Wright said.

Not just any motorcade, but perhaps the most historically significant motorcade in all of American history.

“Being a young trooper it was pretty exciting to be in the same area as the President of the United States,” Wright recalls.

Wright would witness the assassination of president John Fitzgerald Kennedy in downtown Dallas on November 22nd, 1963.

“I was the fifth car in the motorcade, shortly before I made the turn, I heard the first shot, the second shot I was probably somewhere as I was about to make the turn or making the turn. The third shot I was on the hill starting down,” Wright said.

Trooper Wright rushed to assist President Kennedy and then the Governor of Texas, John Connally.

“I was there in time to help unload the Governor and then we got the President out as a couple agents got up in the car, picked him up, we passed him over top, or the side of the car, onto the gurney,” Wright said.

With the U.S. government’s full accounting of the assassination finally being released maybe all will be known and the unanswered questions can stop.

“There was other theories, the Grassy Knoll, more than one shooter big conspiracy. It was done by the CIA and uh none of that held water,” Wright said.

With more than 3,000 files to go through, it may be days until every last letter in the reports is examined. But perhaps the controversy of how JFK died can finally be laid to rest and the focus can return to how he lived his life.

“I thought he was a super guy then, I think he was a super guy now. It would be amazing if you could have figured out what would have happened if he had continued to be President,” Wright said.




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