LOL: What’s funnier? The stripping skeletons or a raccoon on the run?


What’s funnier poll

HOUSTON (CW39) We can all use a good laugh this Halloween. So we hope you’ll enjoy this and answer our CW39 poll question!

Richmond Texas’ Angela Nava doesn’t have skeletons in her closet. They’re on full display in her front yard. Now, her homeowner’s association has a bone to pick with her. They have told her to remove the “Skeleton Strip Club” display. In this video below, you can see the skeletons, dressed in colorful wigs.

Some are frozen mid-drop holding onto a pole. Guess you could say they danced to death. Nava has been told to take down the display in 30 days, which is okay with her because Halloween will be long over by then.

What’s funnier? The Stripper Skeletons or the Raccoon On the Run? Check out the video and decide.

If you need another good laugh, take a look at this wild chase inside a high school near Dallas. A raccoon, evading capture, as school staff and animal control chased it through the halls.

The little guy manages to dodge feet AND the animal control officer’s lasso. Eventually, someone thought to open a door, giving the critter a gateway to freedom!

So what’s funnier? Answer our fun poll question!

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