Longview, Texas pays Ted Nugent NOT to perform

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LONGVIEW, TX – Remember when pseudo-rocker and darling of the far-far right, Ted Nugent, went all crazy during an interview last month? He called the leader of the free world a “communist nurtured, subhuman mongrel.”

Then, Attorney General Greg Abbott caught all kinds of flack for having Nugent by his side on his gubernatorial campaign. Even lone-star-lover Governor Rick Perry condemned Nugent’s remarks about President Obama.

Now, the East Texans are turning against big-talkin’ Ted, too. Apparently, Nugent was scheduled to perform in Longview, TX over the Fourth of July. However, city officials have had a change of heart.

Concerned that Nugent wouldn’t provide a night of family-fun, the city is paying Nugent not to perform. We hear they were so far along in the contract, instead of just cancelling flat-out, they said they’d still pay Nugent for the gig.

Hey, the sound of a quiet Ted Nugent is music to most of our ears.


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