Looking for love in all the wrong places

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RUSSIA – When Russian monks chant about the unwedded bride, you can book it that they’re not chanting about these unwedded babes, er, uh, brides.

Someone thinks the guys here at NewsFix are in the market for Russian brides, because we got an invite in the mail from some outfit in Florida known as ‘HotRussianBrides.com.’

The website has scads of pix of young ladies we are supposed to believe want to become our very own hot Russian brides.

Oh, sure, you’ve probably heard stories about these match-making sites. Horror stories, even. (No, not whore stories.)

Horror stories, you know, about lonely guys who get ripped off looking for love in all the wrong places.

So, you’re probably wondering if this place is legit.

Well, there’s a strip center where the Hot Russian Brides say they have offices.

And a web page that says all of their ladies are real.

We decided we’d pass on the chance to wed a voluptuous Russian woman, but, if you`re planning on trying some Russia with love, just be careful you don’t get stuck.

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