HOUSTON (CW39) With high gas prices and inflation on Texans’ minds, experts from John Moore are sharing expert energy saving tricks to help lower Houstonians’ energy bills this season. With record breaking heat waves impacting people’s high energy bills, here are a few tips to achieve lower energy costs. 

  • Do not set home thermostats too high or too low when leaving for the day: Many believe letting the thermostat run high while out of the house and turning it down once home helps reduce energy usage. This is not true! Instead, the drastic change in temperature causes the AC system to run constantly and work even harder. 
  • Keep the doors to rooms inside the house open: Keeping rooms open will aid in air circulation throughout the home and keep it cool.
  • Change the air filters: Dirty filters restrict airflow and put stress on the whole AC system. Changing air filters every 45-90 days is an integral part to system maintenance, especially during the summer months.
  • Turn off ceiling fans when leaving a room: Ceiling fans are great for circulating airflow but do nothing to keep a room cool. By leaving a fan on in an empty room, Houstonians are unknowingly wasting energy.
  • Make sure the home has enough insulation: Insulation helps keep homes cool during the summer and warm during the winter. On average, insulation needs to be added every 10-12 years.