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HOUSTON — Did you know that the month of May is “Better Sleep Month”? Here are some Maggie Must-Haves that will help you catch some much needed Z’s.

The BEDDI Glow is an intelligent alarm clock with a wake up light. With BEDDI Glow you can wake up naturally with sunrise simulating light, listen to your favorite music from Spotify or Apple Music, and customize your settings through the free mobile app. BEDDI Glow also contains an adjustable mood light composed of 16 million colors.
$79.99 at Smart Sound Sleep Mask by Sound OasisHelp your body get the sleep it needs with the ILLUMY Smart Sleep Mask by Sound Oasis. Be the first to experience this revolutionary product on Indiegogo! The technology-based tool is the perfect solution for those stubborn insomniacs. With Sleep Enhancement® technology, you’ll drift off into dreamland faster with gradually dimming sunset-colored lights, and in the morning, ILLUMY illuminates a blue-sky light before you hit the snooze button. Guide your mind and body in and out of those sleep cycles with help from the ILLUMY Smart Sleep Mask.Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, KTLA, and The Doctors, ILLUMY’s scientifically proven regimen is used on the international space station to help astronauts’ body clocks stay in sync. Get better sleep and recover from that hectic schedule with the functional features of this dependable device:Natural Sleep Enhancement: This optional sleep setting will help you start the new year refreshed. Using pulsations of light to help lull you to sleep, this sleep mask gently wakes you up in the morning.

  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery: Conveniently included is a USB charging cable, programming cable, and power adapter, which allows you to sleep soundly all night long.
  • On The Go Gear: Get a perfect night’s sleep no matter where you are. Sleeping on a plane, train, or in the car has never been so snug and relaxing.
  • Simple To Clean: This easy-to-clean, machine-washable mask makes it simple to sleep smart.
  • Upgrade Your Sleep Cycle: Blocking out all light, this mask helps you obtain that much-needed eight hours every night. With gentle pulsing light, it slows down your fast-paced mind so you can get the rest you deserve.
  • Sleep Mode: Control ILLUMY with a simple touch of a button on your phone. Download the app for free.

Get the shuteye you’ve been wishing for with the innovative design of the ILLUMY Smart Sleep Mask by Sound Oasis.

Retail price is $149.99. Find it on the NEW Indiegogo launch for $99.99! It will also be available from, and