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HOUSTON — Going to the chapel and she’s gonna get married! Wedding season is upon us and that also means it’s time to shower the bride-to-be. Here are some Maggie Must-Have bridal shower gifts for the stressed-out bride and help her not become a ‘Bridezilla’.


The “Relax Pack”

 Help your stressed-out bride sit back and relax with these gift ideas

  • Nothing says “relax” better than a hot cup of tea. Make sure it’s the perfect temperature with the KRUPS Savoy Electric Kettle
  • The digital screen allows you to choose between 5 preset temperatures for various teas or coffees – green tea, white tea, oolong tea, French press, black teal boil
  • $59.99 at Walmart


  • Bring a touch of spa-like luxury to the bride’s every day routine with the Hotel Collection Ultimate Micro Cotton Bath Towel Set.
  • Made from high quality cotton, durable and ultra-absorbent bath towels feature an extra-soft, plush feel.
  • $158 exclusively at Macy’s.


  • At the end of a long day, sometimes it’s just nice to cheers to the bride for simply being the best. Make it a glass of Santa Margherita Prosecco!
  • With a rounded, well-balanced flavor, this sparkling wine will have the bride feeling relaxed and refreshed in no-time. $21.99 at