Malala Yousufzai recovery update

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The 14-year old Pakistani girl who has a lot of fight in her is in a fight for her life. If these photos give any indication, it looks like she’s winning.

Anti-Taliban teen activist Malala Yousufzai was shot in the head and neck while on her way home from school in Pakistan. Surprise, surprise: the Taliban claimed responsibility for the shooting.

Less than a week since being transported to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in the United Kingdom, doctors say things are looking up for Malala. They say she’s able to communicate freely and even stand up. She’s not able to talk, since she’s sporting a tracheotomy tube, but doctors say she’s writing coherent sentences. Doctors also say Malala understands where she is, and wants to thank people for their interest in her.

She’s still not out of the woods yet. It’s too soon to tell if there will be any permanent damage.

The road to recovery will no-doubt be long and bumpy, but it looks like Malala is heading in the right direction.


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