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HOUSTON— A man accused of exposing himself while riding on a bicycle around southeast Houston was shot by a grandmother who said he tried to enter her home, according to Houston police.

The shooting happened in the 6600 block of Cherry Dale Drive around 6 p.m. Tuesday.

According to police, the man was riding down the street on a bike, exposing himself, when he started to approach a grandmother who was in her yard.

The grandmother allegedly told the man to stay away or she would get her gun and shoot him. The grandmother then went inside her house to grab her gun, and the man tried to follow her. That’s when the woman fired an unknown number of shots through the door, striking the man in the chest.

The man hopped back on his bike and rode down the street, where he collapsed, police said.

The woman told police her grandchild was inside the home at the time, and she opened fire on the man in order to protect her family.

Police said the man was currently out on bond for another incident a couple of weeks ago when he was found running down the street naked.

The man was taken to the hospital in an unknown condition.