Man arrested after allegedly trying to get a date with a cop by sexting

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MARCO ISLAND, FL – There’s lots of ways to get a date. You can pick someone up in person, or online, or even with an app. But 30-year-old Paul Arnold Kirleis didn’t do any of the above. He called police. Alright, alright, so that wasn’t his main reason for the call.

South Florida police say Paul actually called them to report a suspicious vehicle, but when an officer responded using his department issued cell phone, Paul saw that as an opportunity. Shortly after the call, the officer started getting text messages and pictures from Paul, including one of him in a less than flattering position. As the sexting continued, officers went to Paul’s home. But they weren’t there for a stripper-cop fantasy. Paul told them he remembered calling about the car, but not much else because he was drunk.

Paul didn’t land the date with the cop, but he did land a date with a judge. That’s how he became our Dumbass of the Day!


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