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PITTSTON, PA – Have you ever been guilty of social media stalking? You know, looking up photos of old boyfriends or girlfriends to see what they’re up to now… or maybe looking up your co-workers profiles to see what they’re like off the job. A man in Pennsylvania is finding out that online stalking is a real crime with real consequences.

Justin Bellanco was arrested for “liking” 22 of his ex-girlfriend’s Facebook photos. The ex-girlfriend, April Holland, had a restraining order filed against Bellanco last month after he allegedly threatened to shoot her in the kneecap to watch her suffer. The restraining order prohibited Bellanco from contacting Holland for one year, but Bellanco told police he didn’t know he was violating the conditions. He is now out of jail on $5,000 bond.

Court records also show that Bellanco had a retraining order against Holland in 2014 for trying to choke him.

Young people today, with their social media and their threats of bodily harm, give whole new meaning to “young and in love.”