Man arrested at Apple store after wielding Samurai sword

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NEW YORK, NY - Ever get so mad at your smart phone that you want to take a sword to it? Well, don't even think about trying it in an Apple Store. Sounds like common sense, but that's not something our Dumbasses often display.

Exhibit A: Hsu Chien.

"I honestly thought this was it," said Nancy Birnbaum, reliving the moment when she saw Chien start his samurai act on the staircase inside the New York Apple Store.

"[His sword] was glinting. It was silver. You could tell it was a real sword," Birnbaum said.

Maybe he was just trying to cut in line? Or slash prices? Who knows because what he got was arrested.

"I thought, 'This is the start of some horrible headline tomorrow,'" said Birnbaum.

The story generated headlines all right, but they were more incredulous than horrible. No mattter how you slice it, Chien's antics were idiotic, making him our Dumbass of the Day.


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